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We're here to support you no matter where you are. #StayWithUs


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All members may visit the brand new Y360: Your Virtual YMCA for several at-home workouts. This is a partnership among YMCAs across the country to provide a needed service at the time. 

Click here to view the available workouts. 

Free to register and participate. Click here for more information. 

Matrix Fitness: Workout at home series

Enjoy a variety of circuit workouts from one of our equipment vendors. Click here to access video resources. 

Free to register and participate. Click here for more information. 

Life Fitness: Digital Coach

Enjoy daily workouts through a digital coach and daily challenges. 

Free to register and participate. Click here for more information. 

Activities for Kids and Families

Even when school is closed, you can keep the learning going with these resources.

Academic Resources:
Scholastic Resources
Fun Brain
Nasa Kids Club
Computer Science
Ochsner Activities for Kids

Need to get active and outside? Trying to keep the kids fit for the next sports season? Check out Y360, a series of online workout and training videos. Specific sports and youth training videos.

Click here for available resources.

Health and Nutrition Resources

Everyone in the family can get involved in a healthier lifestyle. Explore these health and nutrition resources for ideas that everyone can be a part of.


  • Cook a family meal together that includes 5 or more colors of the rainbow.
  • Create a grocery list together- be sure to include some new fruits or veggies.
  • Build a garden or pot a plant. Discuss the types of vegetables you want to grow in your garden.
  • Start a recipe exchange over email with other families.
  • Drink 8 glasses of water every day. Decorate your own water bottle that you will be excited about drinking from all day.
  • Try different flavors of water.
  • Check out the Choose My Plate website. There are lots of activities and games to play to help children learn the importance of eating healthy