Cancer Survivor Fitness Baton Rouge


A wellness program for People with Parkinson’s (PWP)


Indoor cycling program to improve balance, movement and overall conditioning. This program is provided in 8 week sessions.

Please complete and submit the medical questionnaire to begin the registration process.

Program Details:

60 minutes
8 weeks/16 sessions
Coaching using Forced Exercise Method (i.e., pedaling at a higher rate than a voluntary cadence)
Goal: Movement that Matters
Level 1: This class will be conducted on recumbent and/or stationary bikes.  No special equipment is required.  
Level 2: This class will be conducted on upright, spin bikes. Suggested Equipment: padded bike shorts and tennis shoes to fit inside of a pedal cage or bike shoes


  • $10/ 8-Week Session Members
  • $60/8-Week Session Program Member