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by Julie Russell | Nov 13, 2020
This 3-week workshop meets twice per week.  This is for those looking to add weightlifting to their healthy lifestyle or for those who may be just beginning their healthy lifestyle journey.  Y-Lift trains the fundamentals of lifting weights, including lifting your bodyweight, as well as the benefits of cardio.  

Y-Lift addresses the fundamentals of exercise in a way that is fun, but also educational and useful. 

The program Includes:

  • Fundamentals of Working out, lifting weights, functional exercises
  • 6 workouts (one per session)
  • Education seminar led by a Registered Dietitian
  • Upon Completion, participants receive a referral for one-30 minute nutritional session with a Registered Dietitian from the Baton Rouge General Wellness Center.

January 18:  9am M/W      Americana YMCA

YMCA Members: $40
Program Participants: $95


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