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Ensuring a bright future for our community and our Y. 


An individual that commits a planned gift or makes a contribution to the YMCA endowment fund, is honored by the Y as a Cornerstone Endowment Society Member. Members of our YMCA Cornerstone Endowment Society are invited annually to a dinner event and will receive several special release YMCA publications.

Why become a member of the Cornerstone Endowment Society?

We know that our children and grandchildren will be faced with challenges of their own as they grow and prosper in life. The Y Cornerstone Endowment Society, founded in 1998, was established in order to help our YMCA keep pace with those challenges and ensure that innovative, high-quality, mission-driven YMCA programs and services will be there to lend support, guidance and friendship to our future generations.

Membership Requirements 

While the average Cornerstone Endowment Society commitment is higher, an annual gift of $1,000 to $25,000 qualifies an individual for a membership. This gift can be made using cash, check, stocks, bonds, life insurance or estate planning.  We encourage you to consider extending your YMCA involvement beyond the here and now, and become a member of the YMCA Cornerstone Endowment Society. As a Society member, you will help positively shape the lives of those who will one day shape our community, our country and our world.

Ways to give:

  • Bequest by Will
  • Beneficiary of IRA or Retirement Plan
  • Charitable Reminder Trust
  • Life Insurance Proceeds or Beneficiary Designation

Need help planning your gift? Click here

For more information please contact Christian Engle,

Lifetime Members

Alex and C.C. Lewis
Ashley and Zefferino von Kurnatowski
Barry and Jon Blumberg
Baton Rouge Rotary Club/Inner Wheel
Bob and Debbie Jacobs
Brent Bruser
Charles and Carole Lamar
Chris and Karen Spencer
Christian and Melinda Engle
Courtney Guillen
Danny Bonfiglio
David Manship
Don and Sue Clark
Eddrick and Shanda Martin
Fred and Anne Trapp
Fred and Ann Trappey
George and Fonda Crooker
Gerry Lane Enterprises
Ginger Ford
Jeff Casey
Josh and Sylvia Landry
Kerry Uffman
Kevin Reilly
Leo and Gwendolyn Hamilton
Marvin and Susan Borgmeyer
Matt and Lara Falcon
Michael and Mischa Breard 
Mitchell Jacobs               
Pete Hicks
Richard and Carol Evans
Rickey and Debbie Heroman
Sharon Field
Stacey and Cliff Howell
STAR Services
The Lewis Family
The Pennington Foundation
William W. Scheffy