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Why Exercise and Why in Groups

by Kristen Hogan | Nov 12, 2020

         Exercise is a very important part of your daily live. Without it our bodies grow weak and slow. With it our bodies are strong and are able to perform internal tasks faster and are able to perform external tasks faster and longer. It can also help with other aspects of your life when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, but in this blog I will only go into two aspects.

           First off, it helps you control your excess weight. The reasoning behind this is simple. Think of it in math terms everything you put into your body adds calories, but when you exercise you burn calories. The longer and more intense your exercise session is, the more calories you burn. So, say you eat chips, a burger or whatever you want to eat, that would cause you to gain 200 calories. Afterwards you pull a very intense exercise session and burn 250 calories, in doing so you actually have a net loss in calories and will lose weight. Now some of you maybe thinking, “But I don’t have a gym membership,” or “I just don’t have the time to go somewhere and exercise.” The great thing about exercise is that you do not need a gym membership, just the ability to move. Walking anywhere, even if it is to the mailbox and back is exercise and burns calories, though not as much as if you were to walk around the block.

          It also helps you get to sleep. Back when I played sports in high school we had workout sessions every weekday of summer, during this time I can tell you that it did help with my ability to get to sleep. The reason for this is that it burns energy, and the more energy that is burned the more worn out your body gets. Thus, the more worn out your body gets the more tired you get. Now this doesn’t mean to go out and run an hour before bed because while exercise does burn energy and tire you out, it also gets your blood flowing faster due to your heart rate increasing. Your body will need to slow down to normal levels before you feel the effects.

          Now I know some of you may be asking, “Well, that covers why I should exercise, but why should I consider doing it in groups?” Well now is where I will get to that. Sure, group exercising doesn’t help your body burn more calories in the sense of if my friend goes walking with me then I will burn double the calories, but it can help you with motivation to continue, which does increase the number of calories burnt.

          One way exercising in a group can help is that it can keep the form of exercise entertaining. Back when I lived in Alabama I used to walk or ride my bike across a trail that the town had created, I did it alone and with friends, and I can tell you that I had more fun when my friends went with me. Now some of you may be introverts and think that it would be less fun with friends or with a group. I am also what some would call an introvert and I can tell you now, it isn’t. An eight-mile walk or bike ride in the middle of summer stops being fun at around mile four and you reach the end of the trail, that is when you realize “Oh crap, my car is four miles back the way I came.” This is when having a friend with you can help make the trek more enjoyable because then you have someone you know that you can talk to in order to pass the time on your way back.

    Group exercising can also help you meet new people and create lasting friendships. When you get into group exercising courses it gives you a chance to meet people who may have the same interests that you do, and by going to exercise classes these people are in you can create a community for yourself that can help grow your passions as well as give you ways in which you can improve yourself, both in your hobbies and your shape.

    Now comes that time of, “Why did you take the time to write this?” Because the Y is giving you an opportunity to practice what has been talked about here by offering Group Exercise classes. In doing this the Y shows that we care because we want to see growth in your life, whether it be through exercise or through growing our community.



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