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Goalsetter Savings App

by Kristen Hogan | Feb 08, 2021

Start Saving Today With Goalsetter

The YMCA has begun its partnership with and promotion of the Goalsetter app to help introduce family saving, financial literacy and smart spending to Y families. Getting started is quick and easy!

What is Goalsetter?
Goalsetter is a free app that promotes family saving, financial literacy and smart spending. In response to the alarming forecast that Black Americans will have a negative median net worth by 2053, Goalsetter is launching a movement to help one million Black kids open savings accounts. Goalsetter provides participating families with an FDIC-insured bank account and engages kids and adults of all ages and backgrounds in understanding how to build wealth and learn about personal finance through fun, quiz-based games.

How are the Y and Goalsetter working together?
The Y is encouraging Y members to download the Goalsetter app to help YMCA of the USA is encouraging local Ys to introduce the families they serve to the Goalsetter app. Goalsetter is making a $1 donation to the Y, for each family that signs up and opens a savings account for their child/children. Donations will support the support the Y’s community impact work.

Why is the Y partnering with Goalsetter?
Intergenerational poverty and economic inequities limit the opportunities people have to access health care, quality education and other resources needed to cultivate a healthy mind, body and spirit. The Y is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty, which adversely impacts communities of color, by working with Goalsetter to help remove barriers to financial success, including financial education and access to wealth generation tools like savings accounts

What does the Goalsetter app include?

•  An FDIC-insured savings account through the Goalsetter app
•  Weekly fun financial literacy quizzes, powered by memes and gifs
•  A Cashola Card, the Goalsetter tween and teen debit card backed by Mastercard
•  Unique features like “Learn to Earn” that lets kids earn money for every financial literacy quiz question they get right, and “Learn Before you Burn” which automatically freezes kids’ debit cards if they don’t take their quiz for the week.
•  Gifting functionality, which enables families to gift money towards kids’ goals via the Goalsetter app


Here’s what you’ll need to sign up:

1.   Goalsetter app (available for download on Android or iOS)

2.   Bank account number

3.   Social security number



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