Personalized Workouts Baton Rouge


Powerful technology to help you accomplish your health and wellness goals. 


ActivTrax is a virtual trainer that creates customized workouts around your goals, strength and fitness level. As an ActivTrax user, each time you visit the Y, you will receive a new workout that includes everything you need to accomplish your goals. 

From home, ActivTrax also provides you with an online management tool to help keep your diet on track. 

The ActivTrax system is available for Y members at no additional cost.

Register for a FREE ActivTrax appointment at the front desk to get set up on the program. 

ActivTrax Provides:

  • A professionally designed plan -  built around the equipment at your YMCA, fully customized and different each time
  • Easy to follow workouts – no more guesswork
  • Personalized Training – whenever and wherever you need it
  • Detailed Analysis – of your current fitness level and your progress


Please click the link below to register for programs or join online. 

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